Physical and chemical properties

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C 21 H 41 COOH 22 1 33,5 În seria acizilor saturați, punctul de topire crește progresiv de la temperatura camerei sub acizii cu greutate moleculară mai mică la solidele cu topire ridicată pentru acizii cu lanț mai lung. Acizii nesaturați pot conține până la șase legături duble și, odată cu creșterea nesaturării, punctele de topire devin mai mici.

Gliceridele pe bază preponderent de acizi nesaturați, cum ar fi uleiul de soia, sunt lichide; iar gliceridele care conțin o proporție mare de acizi saturați, cum ar fi seu de carne de vităsunt solide.

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Atomii de carbon din acizii grași sunt aranjați în lanțuri drepte, iar primul loc de nesaturare dublă legătură în majoritatea acizilor nesaturați apare între al nouălea și al zecelea atom de carbon, începând numărătoarea din grupul carboxil terminal vedea masa. Specificitatea localizării nesaturării în acizii grași care poate fi obținută atât din surse vegetale, cât și animale sugerează că toate sunt formate dintr-un mecanism enzimatic deshidrogenare comun.

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Simple triglycerides are those in which each molecule of glycerol is combined with three molecules of one acid—e. Only a few of the glycerides occurring in nature are of the simple type; most are mixed triglycerides i. Each mixed triglyceride containing three different acid radicals may exist in three different isomeric forms, because any of the three can be linked with the centre carbon of the glycerol molecule.

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A mixed triglyceride containing two radicals of the same acid and one radical of another acid has only two isomeric forms. Monoglycerides and diglycerides are partial esters of glycerol and have one or two fatty-acid radicals, respectively.

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They are seldom found in natural fats except as the products of partial hydrolysis of triglycerides. They are easily prepared synthetically, however, and have important applications mainly because of their ability to aid in the formation and stabilization of emulsions.

As constituents of shortening in baked products they increase product volumes, improve tenderness, and retard staling.

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They also have technical importance as intermediates in the manufacture of coatings and resins. Physical and chemical properties Fats and oils may be divided into animal and vegetable fats according to source.

Further, they may be classified meltding burner de grăsime to their degree of unsaturation as measured by their ability to absorb iodine at the double bonds. This degree of unsaturation determines to a large extent the ultimate use of the fat.

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Liquid fats i. Solid vegetable fats melting between 20 and 35 °C 68 and 95 °F are found mainly in the kernels and seeds of tropical fruits.

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They have relatively low iodine meltding burner de grăsime and consist of glycerides containing high percentages of such saturated acids as lauricmyristic, and palmitic. Fats from fruits of many members of the palm family, notably coconut and babassu oils, contain large amounts of combined lauric acid. Most animal fats are solid at ordinary temperatures; milk fats are usually characterized by the presence of short-chain carboxylic acids butyric, caproic, and caprylic ; and marine oils contain a large number of very long chain highly unsaturated acids containing up to six double bonds and up to 24 pierde în greutate în 30 de zile premium apk even 26 carbon atoms.

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Fats are practically insoluble in water and, with the exception of castor oilare insoluble in cold alcohol and only sparingly soluble in hot alcohol. They are soluble in ethercarbon disulfidechloroform, carbon tetrachloridepetroleum benzin, and benzene. Fats have no distinct melting points or solidifying points because they are such complex mixtures of glycerides, each of which has a different melting point.

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Glycerides, further, have several polymorphic forms with different melting or transition points. Fats can be heated to between and °C and °F without undergoing significant changes provided contact with air or oxygen is avoided.

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Above °C °Ffats may decompose, with the formation of acrolein the decomposition product of glycerolwhich imparts the characteristic pungent odour of burning fat.

Hydrocarbons also may be formed at high temperatures.

Fats are hydrolyzed readily. This property is used meltding burner de grăsime in the manufacture of soaps and in the preparation of fatty acids for industrial applications.

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Fats are hydrolyzed by treatment with water alone under high pressure corresponding to meltding burner de grăsime temperature of about °C [ °F] or with water at lower pressures in the presence of caustic alkalies, alkaline-earth metal hydroxides, or basic metallic oxides that act as catalysts.

Free fatty acids and glycerol are formed.

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If sufficient alkali is present to combine with the fatty acids, the corresponding salts known popularly as soaps of these acids are formed, such as the sodium salts hard soap or the potassium salts soft soaps. Related Posts.